Hey, this is a ask blog for all the characters of D.Gray-man. Ask us anything and we will try to answer it the best we can. Or if you just want to speak to one of them just leave a message in our ask box.
P.s unaddressed letters will be sent to a random character
so this is a short trial period to see if I still want to do and if it goes well then I'll stay.


So I might be back maybe

((so I haven’t been on this blog in a long time and truth be told I only logged on because I was going to close it forever. But just as I was about to do that I noticed this blog got a few questions(even though I asked for none but whatever) and somehow didn’t lose followers but actually gained 40 more followers over the year hiatus so I decided that I might come back and will be accepting questions eventuality for  a short trial period))

"so we will be accepting questions and answering them to our fullest starting tomorrow"

""Thank you!"

"Um we really don’t know who this is addressed to but I can hug you if that would make you feel better I guess"

she gives the anon a small hug. 

So I want to remind you guy’s something


Okay I really want you to address your letters please it makes stuff so much easier and if you don’t it will be sent to a random character. And this isn’t a rule but please limit you addressing to 1-3 people because I don’t want to fill your entire dashboard with just one letter 


"tch. Of coarse I would. That bean sprout would die in a minute"

"What! I would! and what do you mean by obviously?! baka-yuu!" 

"I think we would have to see if he’s up to something there’s no way that boy is coming willingly"

"not until neah appears"



what I don’t deserve this! It took me so long to answer these thank you from me and everyone here we enjoy answering your questions))

"tch we’re forced to answer questions we don’t do it willingly you wild she-devil"


((I can do many more bad things if you don’t quiet down you know much much worse






"you can talk?! why didn’t you tell me!"

"thank you"

"but I could never forget mana. I just gotta keep walking"


"wow we haven’t done this in a long time I can’t wait to answer all these questions!"